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Greetings, Gifts, and Dress Code in Hong Kong

February 23, 2014

Greetings in Hong Kong

Shaking hands is common in the business communities between males, but it is best to take your cue from your host. Male and a female hand shaking is becoming increasingly acceptable, though it is still not common in the business circles. Chinese are not accustomed to hugging, even among family members. It may be considered wild and unbecoming.

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Gender Roles and Greetings in Traditional Yoruba Life

February 13, 2014

Yoruba Woman

It is in male and female pairs that God created all things. This Yoruba proverb highlights the importance of both male and female contributions to daily life and the reliance of one on the other. In traditional Yoruba society, women play an important, yet separate, role in both the market economy and politics. As educational opportunities have improved, women's presence in professional occupations has increased and their participation in the economy has continued. Today, women are active members of the economy, engaging in trade, farming, weaving, and other occupations as well as participating in trade associations called egbe.

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